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IOS and Android Mobile Apps

Smartphone, Tablet, Android, IOS, we carry out passionately secured and professional or ludic mobile apps to present your ideas online.

Mobile Apps

Today, as mobile becomes the dominate platform. Being present in the mobile industry is a must and no more a luxury.
At Fornet we are very conscious of that. Which is why we are providing you with solutions that suits you the best.
With our cost-competitive solutions you can go beyond and be accessible on every mobile device, smartphone or tablet for IOS or Android.

Mobile app development

So you have a great idea for your mobile app. Unfamiliar? Ludic ? Or maybe a very special one ? No matter what your idea is, we assist you through your requirements expression and provide you with substantive and technical support for your application. Once validation has been completed, we will strive to build your application within the specification document.

New Mobile Technologies

Native or Hybrid, depending on your needs and the application specifications. We are confident that we develop for you a mobile app to garner the results you strive to achieve. We are embarking on all the possible technologies; Push & Notifications, Augmented Reality, Simulation and Image generating, Secured authentication ...

Prototyping and simulation

We validate application features with you prior to its implementation and provide you with a real prototype of the rendering, so that you can simulate real-life application features to garner the best results you strive to achieve.

Electronic press and blogs

Are you an electronic press website ? A magazine ? A specific thematic website ? We will specifically design your mobile app kit for your website for the most widespread environments(Android, IOS) and at a very intersting cost.

Mobile Business Management

Being able to work outside your office ? Remotely exchange confidential data with your clients ? Or maybe keeping track of your sales representatives from anywhere? Yes ! We can help you do that.

Android or IOS ?

We deliver mobile apps for the platforms Android and IOS, Tablets and Smartphones. Apps that have the most positive impact on users and application deployment. We assure deploying and release regular updates on the stores for the newest versions.
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