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Sogec, a Leave Management System


Sogec is an HR leave management solution. It manages your stuff holidays, your employees's travel and overtime.
The solution is multilingual and customizable. It allows entry and validation of leave requests, travel requests and overtime input as well as placing supervisors for the different activities.

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Say Goodbye to the paperwork !

Sogec digitise your leave management system and allows you to delgate the validation process to a collegue of your choice. Digitization is a pleasant management which is historically recorded and that takes up all the details and necessary information.

Advanced Ergonomics

Sogec is very easy to use; You simply need to recreate your organisation inside Sogec in terms of subsidiaries, departments, employees, language selection, etc. Then you grant access to every colleague to declare their leave requests, overtime or their work trip.

Leave requests validation

The leave requests are validated by the direct manager of a unit. Sogec is flexible and lets you delegate colleagues of your choice to handle validation in your absence for example. In addition to that. It is possible to place supervisors that get notified of the various leave procedures.


Leave Management System

Allows employees to plan and apply for leaves which is then can be validated or refused by the company's hierarchy or the delegates.

Overtime management

When your employees work overtime, it is possible via Sogec to declare these extra hours which credit leaves.

Travel Management

Sogec allows the following of travel requests of your employees as part of their working activity.

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