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Tendem or (Tendering Dematerialisation) is a digitisation platform of the purchasing process and vendors management.
Tendem is built on the basis of a long-standing experience in the field of markets, calls for tenders, vendors, agreements and referencing.
Tendem allows you to easily digitise the process starting from vendors referencing, publishing calls for tenders, allocation, assessment of your vendors performances or even a private exchange of messages within this platform.

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Invite your suppliers!

Your suppliers will be referenced on the platform in accordance with the rules laid down by you. And they will be asked to fill their administrative folder only once so they're ready to submit their tenders.

Launch your calls for tenders!

Draw up / publish your calls for tenders on the Tendem portal. You can even establish a restricted list of suppliers or leave the call for tenders open to suppliers belonging to a specific field of activity.

Let's move forward together!

Keep your best suppliers! Non-performing suppliers can lose their agreement and they will have to renew it. Have your suppliers evaluate you for sustainable improvement.


Through its multiple features, Tendem digitise the whole process of registration, your vendors referencing and the whole purchase activity across open or restricted tendering as well as awarding the contract to the winning bids.

Supplier Registration

Tendem lets you centralize your suppliers by turning the registration online, gathering information about their company, its activity and its experience etc. At the end of the procedure, the suppliers will be referenced which qualified them to take part in the different tenders launched online.

Launching of calls for tenders

Launch a call for tenders or a contract. Specify the field of activity targeted or the participant suppliers and let the competitors submit their best tenders. Examine carefully the tenders and you get to choose the tenderer then launch the project.

Achievements assessment

Following works, run an assessment for the work done by the tenderer and keep referenced only those suppliers that satisfy your evaluation criteria post achievement. Roughly speaking, run business with the most performing suppliers that you get to choose in accordance with your own evaluation criteria.

Advanced statistics

Tendem provides you with rich graphics statistics considering suppliers, markets, assessments with a variety of filtering possibilities and charts export to different formats: image, pdf or to excel. In addition it is possible to export to excel practically all the diagrams existing within the solution.

Private messaging

There's no better way to communicate with your suppliers than a private, instant and secured messaging. Tendem makes it possible with its private messaging system along with an external notification system.


A series of safety measures is adopted by Tendem such as permissions and finely specific accreditations, https, automatic blocking of flood attacks, XSS prevention, unique remote session ...

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