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Xevent, Event planning solution


X-Event is a complete solution for planning your key events (international conferences, seminars, ...)
This solution is comprised of a dedicated website to participants registration, online payments, private space with documents, speakers, ...
In addition, the solution comes with two mobile apps. One dedicated to the event and another that can be used by the participants;The second mobile app is secured and allows access management by scanning the QR codes of the participants when accessing the website.

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Event Presentation

The website presents your event, the program, the speakers and the location of the event. The website manages as well subscriptions, online payments as well as an automatic reminder of subscriptions and delayed payments.

Mobile app of the Event

The event mobile app takes up the features most important of the website to accompany the visitors, guide them to their workshops, rooms and seek the upcoming elements that might be interesting and display them on their agenda.

Mobile App for access management

This mobile app reinforce the security by allowing security officers to scan QR Codes delivered to guests during their registration, to verify their identity and confirm their presence on the event location.

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